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In terms of girth, the average circumference of a flaccid penis turned out to be 9.31 cm (3.66 inches), and 11.66 cm (4.59 inches) for an erect one.It looks like Jonah Falcon is an even bigger outlier than we realized.

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Report abuse. 0. I read that it is at average like 5 inches erect.Any ideas why I haven’t reached full puberty?.

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An average penis in an 8 year old boy when stretched gently and measured from the bone at the base to the tip is 2.4 or 2.5 inches, and it would be considered abnormally small if it measures 1.5 inches or less.

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A 12-year old is likely pre-puberty and an average size is meaningless.This is the question which is being asked by the majority of men these days.

Girth is the circumference of the penis at its widest section.The new findings, from a survey of 1,661 men, are relatively consistent with prior research on self-reported penis size.The sizes had been printed across a range from 4 inches to 8.5 inches in length, and from 2.5 inches to 7.0 inches in circumference, based on previous studies giving an average American penis size when erect of 6 inches (15.2 cm) long with a girth of 5 inches (12.7 cm).

In 2010, the average American man was 69.3 inches. A century ago, the average American man was 67 inches.

To arrive at an estimated average size, researchers take into consideration the many penises that are under 5 inches and over 7 inches.About thousands of scientific research have been performed in order to answer this particular question.While a study of 115 men from Nigeria, the most populous nation in Africa, found that the average erect penis length of Nigerian males is 13.37 cm (5.26 inches) long, which is near identical to the 13.12 cm (5.17 inch) human erect penis average length.

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As for a flaccid penis, the average length is 3.61 inches (9.16 centimeters) and the average circumference is 3.66 inches (9.31 centimeters).

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One study, which lasted 60 years and included results from more than 50 international research efforts, concluded that the average penis size, regardless of country of origin, is 4.7 to 5.1 inches. Proper self-measurements are taken from the tip of the penis to the base of the shaft.

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