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A difference of pennies per scrap pound quickly add up when selling tons of copper. - [Coin Jar Calculator]

According to a quick Google search - New, unused or uncirculated copper cents weigh about 3.11 grams each or about 145 copper pennies per pound.New zinc cents are much lighter and weigh only 2.5 grams each yielding about 180 zinc pennies in a pound.Money Metals Exchange offers copper pennies for sale at the lowest price of copper per pound. Buy U.S. pennies minted prior to 1983 at prices close to melt value.The U.S. Copper Penny Melt Value Calculator, located below, will help you in finding the total copper value and total copper content of your pre-1982 United States Lincoln 95% copper cents.

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Right now, a pound of pennies from the street will contain anywhere between 146 and 181 pennies, depending on the percentage of pre-1982 pennies in it.

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My RECEIPTS say over 30 grand.ok numbers I guess because a LOT of the coins I have are worth WAY more than what this thing calculates them to be worth.Reasonable prices of coins value per pound and related products.

If you want pennies per pound in either all zinc penny amounts or all copper penny amounts then the chart below illustrates the number of pennies per pound for you.

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This makes sense because if the price of copper goes up by 1.Pennies made from 1959 to 1982 weigh 3.11 grams so it would take 145.7 pennies from this era to make a pound.

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You can use a standard scale that you would use to weigh yourself with.

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A typical rule of thumb is recycled copper is worth half of the price copper is trading for on the LME.It seems daunting when you are in the store to be doing calculations to save a few cents, and most people do not take the time to do so, but those few cents over the thousands of items you buy a year can add up to real dollars.The Canadian Copper Penny Melt Value Calculator, located below, will help you find the total copper value and total copper content of your pre-1997 Canadian copper cents.

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Optionally enter number amounts for Purchase Price and/or Future Value per unit of weight chosen.The british penny nail gauge6d5d30d sizes and amounts per pound.Just grab a representative handful of coins and fill in the values below along with the total weight of your jar.

The following table gives specifications for U.S. Mint legal tender coins presently in production for annual sets.You can alternatively multiply the per-pound rate, 88 cents, by 2.2, the number of pounds in one kilogram, to get approximately the same answer.To the right are live gold spot prices per troy ounce, gram, and kilogram.So this seems the most cost effective way to gain exposure to the copper market. (Also, pre-1982 pennies.

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The value of the coins is going to be highly dependent upon the ratio of coins.THE COINS IN THE PICTURE ARE NOT THE SPECIFIC COINS YOU. the coins in the picture are not the specific coins you. 2016 U.K. 2 Pound Silver Britannia.999 1 oz Brilliant Uncirculated.Calculating the price per ounce or price per diaper in the end can save you a lot of money.

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The value of some coins fluctuated, particularly in the reigns of James I and Charles I.

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