Male-enhanced antigen 1

By employing genes and proteins as hyperlinks between sentences and abstracts, the information in PubMed becomes bound together into one navigable resource.HIV antibody tests can detect infections in most people 3-12 weeks after exposure.We first created a fusion of EGFP to the single chain variable region fragment (scFv) of antibody against.Researchers can login to make corrections and additions, or.MEA1 Antibody 66472-1-Ig has been identified with WB, ELISA. 66472-1-Ig detected 28 kDa band in rat testis tissue with 1:500-1:2000 dilution...

Presented below are ELISA kits for measuring HYS, another term for Male-enhanced antigen 1.Fluorescent probes are valuable tools for visualizing the spatiotemporal dynamics of molecules in living cells.The male-enhanced antigen-1 gene (Mea1) was initially isolated from a mouse prokaryotic expression cDNA library using pooled antisera against murine male cells.

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The mouse and human sequences showed over 95% homology and the sequence conservation extended to other mammals as shown by Southern blot analysis.

PPP2R5D Antibody (clone 5E7) for IHC, WB/Western LS-C338928

Transcripts can be found in primary and secondary spermatocytes, and spermatids, but the protein itself is only detected in spermatids.

H-Y antigens are able to elicit an immune reaction when cells or tissues from a male donor are grafted to a female recipient.

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These tests are available as blood tests or tests of oral fluid.

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PPP2R5D antibody LS-C338928 is an unconjugated mouse monoclonal antibody to human PPP2R5D.

This types of antigens are present in the surface of the MHC 1 protein.HIV antibody testing—all HIV antibody tests used in the U.S. detect HIV-1 and some tests have been developed that can also detect HIV-2.

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